Lee Fu

Capstone Project

This Story describes the adventure of an Edo-period farmer who lives in a tranquil village. As he toiled in the golden rice fields, he felt a strange sensation.

Following this mysterious pull, he ventured through a lush forest to the foot of a mountain. There, he discovered a mystical creature concealed in a cave. The creature is reminiscent of the spirits depicted in ukiyo-e paintings. The Farmer was astonished to realize that he was not in the ordinary realm of mortals but in a world filled with magic and wonder.  

Concept Design


Prototype of forest elf who will show up during the whole journey

Strange Beast

The source of the strange sound that the farmer has been tracking for. looks like a deer, black and white, and has two heads. Shows up at the end in the cave.


Modeling & Rendering

Animation Layout

Using Format